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Our Ladies Group is a branch of the total I.P.N. Network.

You are very welcome to join our group of Probus Ladies on the Internet.
To qualify for membership:

You need to be an active member of a Probus Club any where in the World.
You need to be the operator of the computer.
You may be a member of a General IPN Group as well as a member of our Ladies Group.
The same rules of protocol apply as in the General IPN Groups.

In this page you will find from time to time, poems, thoughts, pictures and members contributions on subjects suggested by all.

This is an old update from many years ago and sadly we have lost some of our ladies but gained some new members.

If yu have any contribution to make please contact the webmaster Shirley


Firstly let me reintroduce our Leader: Allison Adams .
Allison has given her time to make our little group a happy and friendly place.
A place to come and share thoughts and ideas with others who have the same interest (Probus).

We have also been able to share our interests and hobbies which makes for a very interesting friendship.

Noreen Sampson was the first leader and Jan Hedger set up this webpage in Geocities which no longer exists and I as the IPN Probus Webmaster am trying to place on this site.

   Here is a contribution from Allison in October 2012


We are the ladies of the Internet, Seven years and friendships flourish,
We've never met,
And yet
We think we know each other.

For when we have some news to share,
To show we care,
Ladies sig. is the group we call,
We tell them all -
Our friends around the globe.

(c) July 2001

Seven years and friendships flourish,
It is a special day.
Always let the Ladies cherish
Our wish to have our say.

New members quickly join the fun,
We know now where they live,
How they react to life's passion
And how they love to give.

We all have much in common,
Family, charity work and craft.
We love to share life's experiences
 And also love to laugh.

 Sometimes we feel overburdened
 And so we whinge about our pain,
 But joy is shared by everyone
Again and again and again.

April 2002 revised 2008

This is a contribution from Jan

I thought I would pop a picture of myself and my little boy into this page. This was taken when Max and I went for a 4 day holiday up to the Clare Valley. This is a beautiful area about 2 hours drive from Adelaide. It is a wine growning area.
This was quite an experience we decided to take a shot at the TV holiday auctions. Friends of ours had done this and said it was great so we thought we would give it a go. The holiday was advertised for $403 dollars. That was 3 days in a cottage with country breakfast each morning a voucher for a discounted dinner and vouchers for discounts in various wineries in the area. I thought okay I would give it a go. I offered $300 for it and we were one of the 50 top bidders and we got the holiday. It worked out really good because if we went mid week we could have a free day making the holiday 4 days.
We timed it to go on the week of Max's birthday so off we went, we had a wonderful time and the best part was we could take our little boy for the holiday also. He had a fabulous time with all the new smells and places to run. Max and I found it most restful and visited the tourist things and all in all had a great experience. We used the dinner voucher on the day of Max's birthday and had a wonderful dinner.

I do hope you all enjoy this web page as much as I have in composing it. Thanks to Shirley also as she is the one who adds it to the Probus Web Page.
Please try and send in articles like the ones we have in this new page or poems or jokes, it all makes it that much more interesting to read about others and what is happening with their lives and about their clubs.

Edythe Cully from Western Australia
sent in this article about the first Probus Club in Western Australia.


This is a history of the first Probus Club in Western Australia. This history is written in an old exercise book in very clear handwriting.

History was made on March 3rd 1982 when the Rotary Club of Thornlie called a meeting of retired men to hear about Probus and to consider forming a club in Thornlie.
The meeting was called an "interest" meeting and attracted 25 men who listened to Brian Dale (President of the Rotary Club of Thornlie), Howard Benger and Cliff Sexton as they explained the meaning of Probus and outlined it's history and growth. Questions were invited and answered. It was pointed out that should the meeting decide to form a club, then this club would be the first in Western Australia. Rotary District Governor Ron Sloane expressed his pleasure at this meeting being called.

The Decision
By a unanimous vote, the meeting decided to form a Probus Club, at the move of Dr. Max Keyes, seconded by Alex Kreplins.

Election of Foundation Committee
The following foundation committee was elected: President Dr. Max Keyes, Vice President, there were three nominations but two declined (S. Wallace and L O'Connell), this left Mr A Kreplins as the sole nomination. He was willing to serve and was unanimously elected amid applause.

The secretary Mr George Tuffin was the only nomination. He was willing to serve and was voted in unaniously elected. Treasurer, again only one nomination, Mr J Haigh, who was willing to serve. Like the others he was unanimously elected. (John Haigh is still a member and only gave away the position last year. he was awarded a certificate of merit for his long years of service to our club.

Annual Subscription
It was moved by John Haigh and carried "That the annual subscription should be $10"

It was moved by L O'Connell "That members pay 50c at each meeting for tea/coffee."

Before the closing of the meeting the Chairman called for a vote of thanks to the Rotary Club of Thornlie in general and to Howard Benger in particular. This vote was not only unanimous but it was most enthusiastic.
The meeting closed at 12.30pm

To my knowledge the only one of these man still alive is John Haigh.
Our fees are now $20, morning tea $2
We have, two months ago, become a combined club.
The fellowship remains as strong with 5 ladies as full members.
We also have five Ladies who are widows of former members.

JEAN MORRIS (Jeannie).....Member of REIGATE HILL PROBUS CLUB in the UK, who meet once a month for lunch at The Reigate Hill Hotel - it is a mixed club and at present there are 72 members. We have coffee mornings once a month and during Summer about 4 different outings to Houses and Gardens of interest. Sometimes we have a few outings to a local theatre as well.

Our club was formed in 1997 and I was Secretary and a founder member. Husband John - 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Interests and Hobbies: Swimming, Yoga, Gardening, Cookery, Music and reading. At the time of writing this report I was reading the 2nd book of Lord of the Rings. Used to do a lot of needlework and knitting when the kids were small. Now the computer is an exciting new interest - especially since my Husband gave me a digital camera!

Love writing emails and keeping in touch. Our son and his family live in Canada and I've a sister in Picton NZ.


Each Monday morning I do a voluntary round of house deliveries for the local library taking books to folk who are housebound for one reason or another.
I have just resigned my post of Secretary (April) of the Chaffey Ladies Probus in Mildura Australia. I am also the editor of our Newsletter because I am the only one with a computer. (All the other ladies think that I am SO clever). I also keep an excel listing of all records.
The Senior citizen's Club takes quite a bit of my time as I play bowls twice each week and I am the Treasurer. We are a very busy club with activities every day except Sunday (about 40 activities per month and over 300 members).
At home my main interest is in making parchwork quilts and associated sewing. I have a cupboard full of remnants and each time I go to Melbourne I buy $3 bargain bags of pieces to add to it. I really enjoy creating at the sewing machine.
Good films, ballet, concerts and plays I enjoy but rarely go to see. Anything worthwhile on TV is watched eagerly.
My husband Ken is not interested and this is one drawback to attending any shows. I read constantly and also play competition darts.
The record keeping and constant chatter of IPN is a great way to spend a few hours. I feel I have made so many new friends all around the world since joining and have expanded my knowledge of the countries and the way of life there. I read the newspapers with more interest nowadays because of IPN.

Picture shows Mabs and Bob in 12th century costume.


For over thirty years my husband and I were very intersted in Folk Dancing. I was the "Caller", Teacher, and Organizer and taught many Groups. We later formed a Dance Club with another couple and we had eighty members.
I formed a "Display Group" and we did many Barn Dances or Bush Dances as they are called in Australia. The Team wore costume and would give two displays during the evening which was much enjoyed.
Many local groups would hire us for their evening entertainment and we became very well known around our area in Havant near Portsmouth in Southern England and were kept very busy.
We were eventually introduced to a Folk Dance Group from Klippan in Sweden. We did several "Exchange" Visits and did our best to show as much of our English Culture as possible. Some of us made an attempt to learn the Swedish Language and what little we did manage helped us along. We would do dances from the 12th, 17th and 18th centuries as well as the more up to date ones, all of us making our own costumes for each particular Era.
The idea of the Exchanges was to experience each other's culture and to combine it with a holiday and to make friends.
One particular highlight for me was when we did Displays in the grounds of King Gustav's Palace in Helsingborg to an appreciative audience. One couple who had been watching approached us later to thank us and said "It made us proud to be British"!!
We made many lasting friendships and several of the Swedish Team still keep in touch and some have visited us here in Australia.
We ran that Club for twelve years and when we moved to Perth I was asked to take over a group of six which quickly became twenty and we did many public displays around Perth and Fremantle.
My Probus Group asked me to give a talk on my experiences and I got together sixteen of our Probus Club Members to give a Display at the finish. We were invited to do the same at a few more groups too.
More recently I started a group for the "Seniors" in our area until health became a problem and we have had to cease.
We have had enormous pleasure from all this and I am sure we have given enormous pleasure to many others and we have so many happy memories of those times. The Club we stared in Havant is still going strong after twenty eight years and they remain constantly in touch.

Picture shows Mabs in 12th century gown and Bob in 19th century costume.

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