Welcome to all Probians wherever you may be . . .


The International Probus Network (IPN), originally named the Informal Probus Network was conceived and formed in July 1996 by Wilf Beer of The Woy Woy Probus Club Inc. of Australia. The initial idea was to form a series of Chat Groups, whose members had the opportunity of meeting together on the Internet, and discussing any matter among themselves - excluding political or religious topics. A new kind of Probian Fellowship on the Net! IPNA1 was formed in 1996, centred in Australia with a nucleus of 14 Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Probians. This Group did provide a new opportunity for Fellowship on an International scale and it wasn't long before Wilf Beer found himself forming other Groups.

There are now three groups operating, one based in Australia, one in Canada, and one in the UK. By design each Group is international in composition.

We now have about 130 Probians participating who represent over 100 Probus Clubs from twelve countries throughout the world.


Each Group has a coordinator with members from the host country and also from elsewhere in the world

There are three main groups and three special interest groups - to view the contact details for any of the IPN groups or Special Interest Groups click on the one of the links in the menu bar below. Only IPN Coordinators and Special Interest Group Leaders email addresses are shown on these pages.

Joining members are allocated to a particular "home" IPN Group for induction, administration and for fellowship.

New members will undoubtedly take their first steps by communicating with those in their own group. Members are encouraged to communicate outside their group boundaries and to join or start a specialist group as they wish.


    Senior Coordinator   Kevin Bunce  kevinbunce@bigpond.com
IPN Group Coordinator

email link
IPNAUS Allison Adams

IPNCAN Dale Fawcett

IPNUK Shirley Roberts


Special Interest Group (SIG) Group Leader

email link
Ladies Allison Adams


Shirley Roberts

Wayne Testor




Kevin Bunce

Shirley Roberts




Any member of a Probus Club is most welcome to join the IPN by filling in the details in the application form
here and email the form to IPN Membership Coordinator, Kevin Bunce - kevinbunce@bigpond.com
Some blank entries in the form are acceptable if you don't have the information to hand, as it can be provided later if necessary.
New IPN members will be allocated to an IPN Chat Group and subsequently will receive Group membership lists. In order to expedite the introduction of a new member the information submitted on the application is made available to all other IPN members. It is not used for other than IPN purposes, and is not distributed beyond the members of the Network. If you are uncertain and require further information or assistance, in the first instance please email Kevin Bunce or any of the IPN Group Coordinators shown above, or go to the home of Probus on the web - Probus World