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 My name is Marlene Pearce.  I was elected President of PROBUS Canada for the year starting May 3, 2019. It is my pleasure to welcome you, both existing members of PROBUS Canada and those inquiring about PROBUS, to our newly designed website.  PROBUS is an acronym of the words Professional (PRO) and Business (BUS). We are an organization that welcomes people from all walks of life. In one-word PROBUS is Companionship. As members we enjoy the company of other retirees with similar interests and keep active in our retired years.

I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, am a member of two Clubs, the Women’s Club of South Eastern New Brunswick and the PROBUS Club of Shediac Shores, a mixed club.

PROBUS Canada has 13 Directors located across the country who are elected by the clubs in each district.  These Directors help to disseminate information, advise and assist clubs, accredit new clubs and protect and promote the PROBUS name and logo and spirit of the PROBUS organization. 

PROBUS in Canada was started in 1987, has over 250 active clubs and 38,000 plus members. We are an organization that provides social, physical and mental stimulus to retirees. We provide the opportunity to meet men and women in similar situations as themselves and choose those interest activities and social events you wish to participate in. Most of the clubs are combined for men and women while some are either men or women only. Our clubs meet monthly, invite an interesting guest speaker, allow time to socialize with members and get updates and sign up for the various activities the club is planning. Members throughout the year share companionship through the many activities that each club has to offer. PROBUS is a great way to meet and socialize with other members who are likely to become close friends as we grow older in our retired years.  While there is much activity and work to do with PROBUS, it is a wonderful investment of time.  What one gets back in memories, knowledge, and experience is rich and rewarding.  There is no better way than to spend time with the people of PROBUS.

I enjoy hearing from PROBUS members, about their experiences, and their ideas on how to make PROBUS Canada even better for all of us. I welcome anyone to contact me and I will be happy to advise you on all things PROBUS.

I am pleased to be your President and on behalf of the PROBUS Board of Directors and with your feedback, we will continually seek ways to improve and grow PROBUS Canada for the benefit of all retirees, coast to coast.

Marlene Pearce, President, PROBUS Canada.