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Welcome to the PROBUS CANADA website. I am delighted that you are reading this note as it infers you are interested in PROBUS or that you are looking for some specific information. I was elected President of PROBUS CANADA on May 7, 2020. My wife, Carol, and I live in Cobourg, Ontario and have been here for 16 years since leaving Toronto. We joined the PROBUS Club of Northumberland in 2008 after our neighbour invited us to a meeting. Of course our first question was “ What is PROBUS? “

PROBUS is an acronym of the words Professional (PRO) and Business (BUS). We are an association of individuals who are retired or semi-retired who want to remain active and stimulated in our retirement years. Many of us have like interests.

PROBUS started in Canada in 1987 in Cambridge, Ontario. Since that time we have grown to 256 active Clubs from coast to coast with approximately 40,000 members. Originally the first several Clubs were men only followed by women only and for the last twenty years or so most of the new Clubs opening are combined for men and women. Clubs meet monthly or semi-monthly and during the meetings there is lots of time for socializing, signing up for events and trips, and enjoying hearing from a guest speaker. Members share companionship with others and many Clubs join together in joint social functions. PROBUS is a wonderful way to meet new friends and expand our social networks. Carol and I knew one couple who lived in Cobourg when we moved. Today we have hundreds of friends whom we have met across the country due to PROBUS. Each Club is autonomous and activities happen in all seasons both inside and outside our homes.

PROBUS CANADA has 13 Directors located across the country. These individuals are listed with the area to which they are responsible under the “ Directors “ section on this website. They are elected by the Clubs in their area. We are the men and women promoting PROBUS at every opportunity while helping existing Clubs, answering questions from potential members, and helping to start new Clubs. We do our functions because we care about retired individuals and we want those subject men and women to enjoy the numerous benefits of being a member of PROBUS. Our commitment takes up a lot of time but it’s fun and worth it to see our members benefit from their membership.

I am happy as are all our Directors to answer questions or learn how you think PROBUS could improve and benefit all of us. We all welcome anyone to contact us with ideas or questions.

I am honoured to be your President and proud to have been a member of PROBUS for the last 12 years. I have 2 more years to continue to serve as a Director and I look forward to them. To those of you who have heard me speak, you will recall I always mention:

                                   B-A-F       B-A-F

It means be a friend, bring a friend. Please do this at your local Club and we will both improve and grow PROBUS CANADA for the benefit of retirees from coast to coast.

Jamie Doolittle, President, PROBUS CANADA


Get Connected---Stay Connected


Jaimie Doolittle, President, PROBUS Canada.